Science of Silence
Halyard's Sea Strainer Alarm alerts you in micro-seconds if the raw water flow to the engine cooling pump is seriously reduced or if you start the engine with the seacocks turned off.

Marine engines are cooled by raw sea water, drawn in through the bottom of the hull and pumped through the heat exchanger. Block this vital supply and problems follow immediately.

The water pump impeller fails almost instantly and engine overheating follows. In extreme situations really serious damage can be done. Halyard's Sea Strainer Alarm buys you precious seconds to deal with the problem before any damage occurs.

Impede the flow of water through the strainer or start the engine with the seacocks turned off, and the Sea Strainer Alarm tells you instantly.
• Spots restricted water flow in the hose, between the strainers and the pump, if the restriction is too great, the sensor loses current

• Alarms as soon as the water flow becomes impeded

• Alarm fits neatly between the sea strainer and the engine raw water pump

• Supplied with fittings for the appropriate hose diameter

• Optional alarm siren can be fitted