Science of Silence
Halyard oval silencers are hand-moulded for use where the round body unit cannot be accommodated.

They give the same excellent results and every single unit is pressure tested and gel-coated.

Twin Inlet In-Line Silencers are built on an individual basis for V engines.

The inlets can be angled to ease the connection to the engine, and positioned on the end or the side.

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In-Line silencers are used where the engine is well above the water-line, or where a high-riser has been fitted to achieve a 1 in 8 gradient from the engine to the transom outlet.

They are simple to specify and fit, and ideally need to be 500m to 1m behind the engine.

The internal design requires the exhaust gases and water to bubble through a layer of water on the bottom of the silencer to reduce noise.

They offer excellent noise reduction and are widely used on both pleasure and commercial engines.