Science of Silence
This modular spray head rotates at three points along its length, so that the riser can be incorporated in the exhaust in the easiest possible way.

Once positioned, special clamps on each joint are tightened to fix the position permanently, and the heat resisting jackets are fitted.
Halyard High Risers combine two features:

They raise the engine exhaust outlet to increase the gradient on the exhaust system, and they have a carefully calibrated range of water spray holes sized to make water jet into the exhaust gases at full power to maximise the cooling effect.

Each is fabricated from 316 stainless to the highest standards. Many of the surfaces are polished, and each is equipped with heat protecting jackets tailored for the particular unit.

The make-up of a high riser is shown below. Each system is assembled to suit the particular engine flange and exhaust diameter.