Science of Silence
Halyard manufactures its own filament wound GRP tube for use in its silencers.

Diameters from 51mm (2") upwards are made, ranging right through to a massive 600mm (24").

All tubes are made in 3m lengths.

High temperature resins are used allowing normal operating temperatures of up to 80°C, and brief exposure to temperatures as high as 300°C will not cause a problem.
• Lloyds Approved resins with special temperature ratings are used in the manufacturer of this tube (applies to tube over 2" or 51mm only)

• Sizes: from 50mm - 593mm

• Diameters from 2” to 24” are supplied with peel-ply wrapping - a special layer which the customer peels off to leave a coarse surface requiring minimal grinding

• Length: 3m